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Introducing Furddle, the hottest new app designed exclusively for pet owners and lover alike.

With Furddle, you can create a profile for your furry friend and share adorable phots and videos with the world. Don’t worry, you don’t need a pet to join in on the fun – pet lovers of all kinds are welcomed. Say goodbye to endlessly scrolling through generic content hoping the algorithm will serve up something cute. With Furddle, the focus is solely on pets. Connect with fellow pet owners and enthusiasts, Furddle your favourite pets, like and comment on their posts, and more. Furddle is a fun and safe space where you can share your love for your furry, feathery, hairless, or scaly companions. Download the app today and join the Furddle community and experience the ultimate, top rated, pet-centric social media app.

Interesting facts

The human gestation period is 280 days. For a basking shark it is 1277 days, that’s 3.5 years!

All clownfish are born male. Every colony has one female fish in charge. When she dies, the most dominant male becomes female to rule the colony!

Most of an octopus’ brain is on its tentacles, not in its head. A severed tentacle will still react to heat or touch. Spooky!


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